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Ways to Network as a New Real Estate Agent

Ways to Network as a New Real Estate Agent

As a new real estate agent, building your network may be the most important thing you do to grow your business. Actively engaging in purposeful and targeted networking with other real estate professionals enables you to create business partnerships, connect with experienced industry mentors, and develop mutually beneficial business relationships. 

Keep in mind, however, that successful networking requires consistency. A common misperception about networking is that you only need to attend an event once. In reality, it requires interacting with the same group of people over and over. This means you should network in a way that you enjoy with a select group, organization, or activity so that participating as much as possible doesn’t seem like a burden. 

Read on for our five tips for how to network as a new real estate agent.

Network Real Estate Agent

1. Be Active in Your Community 

Use your career to help others and make an impact on your local community. While helping others will not only make you feel good about doing good, it also will give you the opportunity to meet like-minded real estate agents. In addition to working with charitable organizations, you should be sure to attend community events and join local membership groups like the chamber of commerce and other business associations. 


2. Say Yes More 

One of our tips for new agents looking to build their networks is to focus on saying “yes” to requests in life. Even simple social interactions can help you create opportunities to grow your business. Have coffee with a friend, host a dinner, or try a new networking group that you have been invited to – you never know where you will meet your next new client! Don’t go overboard, but work on having a “yes mindset” and you just might be surprised! 


3. Get Social 

Building relationships will eventually require face-to-face interaction, but starting this process online or strengthening relationships online through social media is very effective. Following people in your network on social media and striking up online conversations is a great way to meet new people. But remember social media is just that – a conversation. It is only valuable if you use it to engage with people and not just as a place to post information never to look at it again. 


4. Be a Leader 

As a real estate agent, you now have an important role in the community. People will look to you as a local professional and various boards and committees could use your local knowledge. Not only does volunteering just make the world a better place, but it’s also a key way to meet more people in your community. Find something that truly means something to you so that it is not perceived as an obligation but as something you enjoy. 


5. Nurture Client Relationships

One of the greatest ways to develop your network is to nurture your existing clients. By developing client loyalty, you can nurture repeat and referral business. Building customer loyalty results in long-term tangible results, oftentimes resulting in your client becoming a promoter of your brand. 

These simple tips can help you grow your network and strengthen your real estate business in New Jersey, and Enterprise Title Services can help you navigate your real estate closing transaction. Contact Us Today